Asentrix from exposed for Anti abuse misuse and Illegal activities
Jun, 04
Asentrix from exposed for Anti abuse misuse and Illegal activities
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Asentrix from exposed for Anti abuse misuse and Illegal activities

Runescape Anti Phisher Asentrix phishing on and demanding ransom

Well Known so called "anti phisher" from has recently turned to phishing on OSRS by spamming in game with another phisher from egypt known as "sadgonzer123" from egypt. This is not the first time Asentrix has turned to nefarious activities he has been found doxing ,ddosing and spreading malware.

As a matter of fact he tried starting his own doxing website which completely failed and he turned into another failed project a url shortener) He fully denies he he has owned the website or has any affiliation but i wonder why when doing a simple google search links to runefake

You can go see this for yourself on this archived link because knowing asentrix he will just dcma takedown to cover his actions

Here is his old hack forums profile where he has been since banned by the adminstrator. As you can see he has been involved in discussion of remote administration tools which is highly illegal.

And he had another hack forums account ( which was also closed/banned by the administrator for multiaccounting which you can visit here

And same interests as his main account posting on the Remote Adminstration Section and related threads

These claims have been just proved by a recent discord convesation where asentrix under the alias "Wumbo" which he has previously used before Proof from runecart discord where he has previously sold xtremefish phishing logs and then claims to be a whitehat anti phisher lol! asentrix chatlogs asentrix chatlogs Asentrix has also resorted to extorting websites using free domains specifically the ones using where he also has an anti abuse api and is extorting to take down domains for $15 ransom lol! He also denies this as well of course and tries to put the blame on us but after all he is anti abuse partner as you can see by visiting his twitter.

asentrix chatlogs

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