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Jan, 12
2019 Phishing Streams
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Twitch Phishing Streams

Phishing on twitch has been around since late 2014 to early 2015. The first couple streams were very basic giveaway type streams like the ones i will mention in another blog post about youtube phishing. Then as oldschool runescape was seeing the early discussions of deadman mode the first jagex Q&a type streams popped up claiming to give early deadman mode beta access. These progressed further too streams as the "Mod Ronan doing 1000 kills of zulrah" but these streams were rerun promising to give away all the loot from the 1000 kills.

As it progressed to late 2015 the Old School Runescape team did a Q&A answering one of the questions a player had about double xp and how they have to plans and it wont be happening on OSRS which is true until this day but this sparked a new method to phishing streams which is used until today since then random jagex q&a's are rerun with the promise to activate double xp in the title as well as text on top of the video in the stream.

When around mid 2016 rolled out a new type of phishing stream emerged these were pretending to me the most popular runescape streamers and claims they are quitting and to find out why check a phishing link below the stream. This is also another widely used method that is being used up until today because of the saturation of phishing streams they tend to run 3 at once comparing to the double xp era of 2015 when there usually was only 1 at time.

These streams were being put up to the top of the runescape category with the now defunct service "" this viewbot service was shut down due the lawsuit that twitch/amazon were fighting.

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